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Anyone can claim "family, fitness, fun, good service, guaranteed results, best super awesome classes ever, experts in this and that" but really, a lot of that isn't even worth the time it takes to read it.   

That's why we encourage everyone to come on out and enjoy Two Free Weeks absolutely free, on us, no cost,  no obligation and see what the Family Kickboxing Experience is all about! 

For over 12 years, Family Kickboxing has been transforming lives of everyday folks of all walks of life and we've got to say, we've seen some AMAZING transformations! But, let's not kid ourselves, with such a track record, it hasn't come without it's fair share of "copy cats" ;-) 

Through it all, we've managed to gather a rather large list of success stories from folks who have gone from where they are, to where they want to be! (Click HERE to read a few of them, or even take a look at a few of our before and after photos.) Now, we don't say that to impress you, but to impress UPON you what's truly possible for you. With over a decade under our belt, one thing stands for sure

People often don't realize just how much potential they have in themselves, what's truly possible for them, until they see their bodies transforming before their eyes. We believe in you even before you believe in yourself. With such demand, we want to "weed out those who aren't serious" right out of the gate by telling you EXACTLY what's going to happen when you begin your Two Free Week trial. 
Firstyour energy will spike, it will go through the roof. Waking up in the morning will go from being a dreaded task to having you almost leaping out of bed ready to take on the day. After lunch, especially around 3pm when we tend to start to slow down, you’ll notice you still have an abundance of energy; in fact it will last long until the evening. Your spouse or friends might even start to wonder where you are getting all this energy from. This thing about "slowing down" as we age will become a belief of the past, a belief not shared by you as you feel better and more alive today than ever before.
Secondly, your mood will shift. The act of attending a few classes combined with the increased energy levels will put a smile on your face. You’ll notice what used to set you off now has less of an effect on you. Daily mundane task become much more bearable as your overall "feel" of life is happy. I’m telling you, life is so much better with a smile - and people are most beautiful when they smile. 
Thirdly, your lungs will feel clear, full and vibrant. It sounds silly, but after just two short weeks or classes, walking up the stairs will be easier. Taking the dog for a walk will be effortless. Chasing the kids around will seem so much smoother. Breathing becomes not only light and fulfilling, but gains an almost therapeutic feel as your lungs thank you for the activity. 
And last but  not least, you will notice physical changesYes, we have many clients who lose 12 pounds by the end of their two free weeksbut most lose 5-7 pounds. What’s more important isn’t so much the weight loss (although that IS important) but the fact that everything feels "tighter" - and I’m talking about your body, not your pants! In fact, your pants will most likely require you to tighten up the belt to keep them from falling. After just a few short weeks, you’ll already start to notice little changes throughout the body 
tightening of the belly, legs, butt, arms etc. -  to compliment your weight loss. 
In an attempt to ease some of the pressure from inquiries (email, phone, walk-ins) you must now enter your email above to receive your Two Free Week coupon. The coupon will be emailed to you, along with instructions and a VERY detailed F.A.Q.​ It is essential that you read this email IN FULL. It covers everything from when can you start, what classes are best, what should you wear, where are we located, how much are memberships after your Two Free Weeks, what ages we have classes for, etc. 
Tired of the gym? 
Tired of traditional workouts? 
Tired of trying to lose weight? 
Tired of that "having to workout" feeling? 
Are you ready to lose weight once and for all?

Drop in today and start your Two Free Week trial and see why the Family Kickboxing Experience is one everyone tries to imitate, yet few succeed in delivering.

(Oh, and if you're thinking "I've heard all this before" then see for yourself and jump in for your two free week trial and see what all the talk is about!)

​For the past 12 years, Family Kickboxing has specialized in creating lasting change in folks from all walks of life. From the 6-7 year old's spending TRUE quality time working out WITH their parents (not just watching from the sidelines) to teens looking to get a bit competitive with mom and dad, to adults who just need to "take it out on the heavy bags" after a long day at work, to grandparents who refuse to enjoy retirement sitting down, we have them all!

​By this point, you may have already heard about our reputation as taking you in as "family" and making sure you are treated as such!

Great customer service? Blah, everyone say's that. We take it to the extreme. We tailor our classes to your direct needs and goals, and show you how to reach them as quickly as possible. Through properly designed classes, we teach you how to achieve weight lossgain and define muscle(toning)increase your confidencelook like a million bucksand live stress free! When you become part of Family Kickboxing, you join our family. There's no way to explain it better then to feel it for yourself! 

We are NOT "jack of all trades". We don't jump on the band wagon every time a new fad comes to town. We don't do everything and anything. We specialize in using real kickboxing (Not that punching the air in front of your tv kind of kickboxing!!) to reach real goals for real people. We have over 60 punching bags that allow us to create result producing workouts like no other. A big difference between us and many others is that ALL the photos on our site are from real people at Family Kickboxing. Not stock photos. No exaggerated claims. Real people reaching real goals while having a blast.

What's so great about learning real kickboxing? Well, aside from getting in the best shape of your life, aside from time flying by and not feeling like you are working out, you are going to gain useful, real life self defense, and the confidence to take on life's biggest challenges. 

The truth of the matter is we get incredible results with incredible workouts. Take a look at what some of the thousands of satisfied clients have to say about their experience or by simply dropping in to start your own Two Free Week trial. 

Welcome to our family, we look forward to seeing you in class!

Please Note: There is no need/requirement to spar or compete in any way. There is absolutely NO sparring in the beginner classes. The vast majority of our clients are here to get in the best shape of their lives. Those interested in the competitive side of the sport are to attend classes designed specifically for the competitors..
What others are saying...
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Family Kickboxing
875 Notre Dame Avenue, Unit 303
Sudbury, Ontario P3A 2T2
Pull in where Herc's Greek Eatery is,
 drive all the way to the back, last unit on the right. 
If you're serious about your health and fitness, if you're tired of doing the same thing over and over again, running on a treadmill to nowhere, if you are ready for lasting change, then you've come to the right place!
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“I came to the "Transformation Centre"/"Family Kickboxing" looking for first hand assistance in reaching my weight loss goals. I had tried a variety of fad "diets" and a variety of different styles of exercise such as going to the gym, Zumba etc. I could not imagine at the time how much I would truly enjoy the training...but I do! Kickboxing is fun and the results speak for themselves. I managed to lose 30lbs of excess weight and my body is transforming into a more fit, leaner and healthier me. The coaches and club members are all welcoming and great to be around. I'm feeling so great and I always look forward to going to the club. What more could you ask for? "Family Kickboxing" is the place for me.”

- Chantale Paquette
“All I can say is that I hate exercising. It's hard, it's not fun, it quite simply makes me miserable. It is not for me. However, I LOVE sports! This is the first place that I've found (after years of searching) where I can go and get an absolute wicked workout yet not feel like I'm actually exercising. I feel like I'm playing a sport. I'm learning to kickbox, which I'm loving and I leave there drenched! And some mornings I wake up feeling like I just competed in a tough mudder with every muscle asking me why I put them through that. Only to go back and "play" later that day. I go to learn to kickbox. The workout just sort of happens.”

- Heidi
“Family kickboxing is a blessing to our community. Both Ray and Al have went far beyond the role of club owner and take a personal interest in the lives of each person who comes through their door. When I was faced with a family crisis, they allowed me an absence from the special program I am enrolled in so I could take care of the issue. When I came back, it was a if I never left. Most clubs would have kicked me out of the program. They are genuine, family oriented, and are shining examples to us all of how each one of us can spend a few hours a week to benefit our community. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for providing Sudbury with this wonderful club where family and success are the priorities. ”

- Ken Wilson
"After years and years of abusing my body because of very poor lifestyle choices, I knew I had to make drastic changes.. I came to the realization finally that there is nothing more valuable and more important than being healthy and enjoying life to the fullest with a body filled with energy and vitality. Wasn't easy and I knew it wouldn't happen overnight, made huge changes in diet and started working out and never looked back!! If a person puts there mind to something, I mean really commits to a goal, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Especially when surrounded by great supportive high energy awesome peeps like those at Family Kickboxing:) "

- Randy Clusiau
"Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Monday evening’s class at Family Kickboxing! This being my first time doing the work-out, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’d heard it was a great work-out and I knew it would be fun. However, the class, as instructed by your father, exceeded my expectations! The level of exercise was just right! Though there were some more advanced pupils in the group, I never felt intimidated or pressured to do more than I could. The instructor was assertive where necessary, but very down to earth and approachable.

I left the work-out feeling empowered, accomplished and confident that I will meet my personal health goals through the classes offered at Family Kickboxing. I can’t wait to return and I’ve already recruited some friends to come and try it out! Thanks again. See you next week!"

- Cindy R.
"I have been to many, many clubs/gyms throughout my 10+ years in Toronto, and when I recently moved to Sudbury, checked out almost all of them. There is lot's of great clubs our here, but I chose Family Kickboxing because of one main point: They rarely talk about themselves! 

They are all about my needs, goals and mission in life and motivate me to be my best. I am happy to be part of the family! They are "student centered" and are extreme professional at what they do. After only a couple months, I'm am loving the benefits, especially after several children :) Thanks guys! You helped me love my body again!benefits

 I look great, feel awesome and am ready to face the beach in my new two piece!"

- Eric C
"Hi Al, Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. I wanted to thank you and Ray for an awesome time and great work outs. Both Miranda and I really enjoy your club. You have a great atmosphere there that makes us comfortable even though we are not fighters. Thanks again and see you soon!!"

"I'm so happy I joined family kickboxing. Not only have I lost weight & inches and gained confidence, I have met some great people along the way who have the same goals as me: getting in shape. 
At Family Kickboxing, the atmosphere is fun and challenging at the same time. Also, there are no "better than you" attitudes and everyone is always willing to help everyone. 

Keep up the good work Al!! I'm always recommending Family Kickboxing to my family, friends and coworkers. "

- Katie C
"I am the type of person that has never been in ideal shape. I played sports and even worked out throughout my high school and college years but for some reason it never worked for me as it did for my friends. I joined Family Kickboxing a little over a year ago and was consistent for the first eight months until other priorities hindered. For those eight months I lost over 25lbs, and felt like I was in the best shape of my life. After taking the last four months off I was really nervous to return thinking that I would have to start all over again. Lucky for me, muscle has memory and since your heart is a muscle I was able to jump back into the swing of things almost immediately. I've noticed dramatic changes in my breathing pattern, flexibility, and core strength. To get to the best part, I used to have a little trouble dealing with stress. I would go to the bars or get myself into problematic situations where I would turn to violence as a solution. From the first week I started kickboxing I thanked the Blais family for everything they have done as it was a new way to channel my stress, and to this day I have not had a single problem since. The name speaks for itself as the club takes you as one of its own and nurtures the problems you walk in the door with. Thanks Family Kickboxing."

- Mike Joncas, Pita Pit
"I just want to thank you for helping me, while I was trying to get back into shape. You guys did a really good job with naming that club "Family Kickboxing", as I feel like you guys have made me part of it. The training is great, and I honestly feel like the training has greatly contributed to my success in coping with my many health issues. The training has helped toughen me up for these surgeries, and other procedures, and have even helped me cope psychologically with my disease. This disease has really tested my faith in God, and forced me to really think about my life and my goals. Your club, you guys, have helped me more than I can ever explain. In a time that I felt weak and powerless, you guys made me feel so much better, and even confident again. This club is so much more than just a place to workout, and I really want to express my gratitude for everything you guys have done for me."

- Robert Gladu
"Thank you for "Bridal Boot Camp!!" Thanks to you my dress fits to perfection! All that work payed off. Keep up the good work at your club!"

- Bride to be, Melanie
"The work, devotion and most of all caring you put into this club (members really) is amazing. You are one heck of a motivational coach (so is your dad!). I really enjoy all the classes, (yes the kids' classes too!!), the camaraderie of the club, seeing you interact with people and knowing just who needs your pep talk, who needs your 'ribbing', your 'shoot from the hip' straight talk but most of all it is the fostering of love and caring you show to all at the club that makes it such a special place to work out. No one is competing against others to look better (better punches, better kicks, better body) like some other 'workout clubs'.

You have created a 'Family Kickboxing club' (and not a dysfunctional one at that!)
Thank you Al."

- Carole Anderson
"Great club, they treat you like family. (hence the name?!) Lost 12 pounds in my first 4 weeks! Great stress relief! What I like the most is while your feeling empowered from hitting the punching bag you don't realize the amazing workout your getting! 

Thanks Al and Ray!!

- Chantale M. 
"A change in attitude. I have spent the last few years (yes, years not months) trying to be what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to be the fat person who didn’t want to exercise, didn’t want to eat right and didn’t want to be tired all the time. Now I try to be what I do want. I do want to be fit. I do want to eat healthy. I do want to be lean and toned. I realize what I have gained. I have gained a more active lifestyle, a stronger body and better outlook on life. I have gained a sense of accomplishment in finally reaching my goal of a healthy weight (80 pounds less) while working toward the various kickboxing belt levels. Family Kickboxing has been a great inspiration. The motivation, challenges, fun and friends at the club have made all the difference in helping me aim to be the best I can be.

That’s an attitude that I do want and will continue to aim for."

- Theresa Henderson
"Mission Fat to Fit saved my life. After being diagnosed with NASH, a liver disease, I was told I had to lose weight. I have struggled with my weight for years, but now it was a matter of life or death.

I joined Mission Fat to Fit at Family Kickboxing, an eight week course, twice a week. I lost 27.5 inches and 36pounds. I feel better, look better, and my liver disease is now in reverse. Mission Fat to Fit has taught me to discipline myself in regards to what I eat, and how I exercise. It has also inspired my to move on to Kickboxing, to continue with my weight loss.

I highly recommend Mission Fat to Fit - it has saved my life and it will change yours."

- Sherri Madigan
"After a 6 year struggle to get back into the same shape I was before having my kids, I decided to join Family Kickboxing. In just six months you have helped me lose weight, look better and feel better about myself. I am thrilled to have surpassed my goal and now thrive to maintain the results I have worked so hard for. Thank you to all the students and trainers who have been there for me to keep me motivated by being so encouraging when I was feeling discouraged." 

- Nat Mallette
"Hi Al, I just wanted to say thank you for all you and your staff do! My wife and I started at Family Kickboxing with in June. Since then I have reduced my waist size by 3 notches on my belt, have more energy, and I am stronger than before I started. I took part in your 6 step challenge in August and came out with some surprising results. I had very bad heartburn and had been on very strong medication for over a year, (I had tests done and did not have an ulcer or any other diagnosis). After about 2 weeks of your lemon water, alkaline veggie snacks, meals, and breathing exercises I accidentally missed a dose and found I no longer needed to take the medication for my heartburn, (really spicy or greasy food still gives me temporary heartburn but nothing like the constant pain I was in before). I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere in classes, you and your staff really do a great job, offering encouragement or ribbing as required.
Thanks again for all your hard work!"

- Ryan
You know when you really want to let people know what something means to you and how it has impacted your life in a way that you can only hope to describe well enough so that people truly understand. Describing Family kickboxing is one of those things.

This club has altered so many peoples lives in such a positive way, with mine being one of them. I remember walking into the club for the first time and thinking yup this is going to last about a week (if I make it that long), it’s just another thing I am going to try and get no where with. Well that was a year ago and over 150 classes later and well I keep saying that I couldn’t love it anymore if I tried ~ that is until we do something new and I love it even more!!  

The club becomes part of you and you become part of it. The people are amazing, the coaches are fantastic and well the owner I don’t have a word to describe him. Al always tells us that it is all us we are in this ourselves, it has nothing to do with him. What he does not realize or just doesn’t tell us is that we are not on our own by any means. Yes you yourself have to put in the work and come to class and change your lifestyle but by no means are you alone in it. 

Al is the first one there to high five you as you reach a goal and the first one there (as I have always said) to leave his footprint on your butt. But it’s not only Al it’s the other coaches who are there supporting you and encouraging you and doing happy dances with you. And it’s not only the coaches it’s the members too the “family” who is there with you.  

I need to share 2 stories to truly make you understand what this place is all about. When I started I of course had to buy the uniform to wear which was great until I went to buy the pants and was told by Al I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t think I have pants that will fit you. Now anyone that has ever had a weight issue knows exactly what I felt at that moment. Al continued by saying but that’s what you’re here for right; I smiled and agreed. Fast forward 2 months and I think I might be ready for some pants. I try them on and I get them up but if I bent down everyone was going to see what was under them. So my head went down and I thought wow this sucks!! Until someone said but think about it 2 months ago you could not even get them on. Once again I smiled and agreed.  

Fast forward another 2 months and here we are again ready to try on pants. Al hands me a pair and I head to the change room. I slide the pants on with ease and they are actually baggy. I came flying out of the change room with tears in my eyes and gave Al the biggest hug ever, people where cheering and I have never heard so many encouraging words.

The next several classes I came too I was greeted with hugs from the coaches and kind words from everyone. It was an amazing feeling that I will remember always. The second story just happened recently when I was doing my weigh in for the Weight Loss Challenge. I of course have set goals and have been working hard to get to them. Well I reached another one and can officially say that I have not been this size since high school (16 years). There were cheers that erupted as I stepped off the scale once again with tears in my eyes and then there was the happy dance.  

The support and encouragement that Family Kickboxing gives compares to none other ~ I would not be were I am at without this amazing place and these truly incredible people. Am I done my journey? No not yet but do I know that I can do it? Absolutely because I have it in me!!! And because I know that I have everyone behind me just waiting for my eyes to fill up with tears again and to be able to do the happy dance again!!!  

- Trish Pomykala
"Kickboxing ROCKS !!! Al, you’re an awesomely fun instructor and everyone seems to really enjoy what they’re 
doing while working up a good sweat! "

- Ann Connelly 
"Well that was a heck of a workout yesterday at Family Kickboxing with Alain Blais.I woke up this morning with sore legs but the pain was short lived ,I stepped on the scale and found that i surpassed the 100 lbs lost.I have lost 100.5 pounds to date .To put that into perspective have you ever carried two 50lbs bags of potatoes.On Easter Sunday i went down to the Family Kick boxing Centre for a weigh in to start a 12 week weight loss challenge. Oh.Oh boy did not know what was going to happen to me after that.This place has changed my life forever and there is no looking back Alain Blais,Ray Blais ,Joel Leduc and Kristy Beadman at Family Kick boxing have literally worked my butt off and i can't thank them enough.I would also like to thank all of the partners i have had at the gym.I am forever grateful to the club.:

- Ron Leclair
"A few months ago I joined Family Kickboxing here in Sudbury. I was terrified to commit to something I was surely going to fail again. It was very challenging in the beginning and still is but I love every minute of it. Tonight I was very surprised that I was being graded and earned my yellow belt. I was so beside myself, I sat and cried. Happiness, gratitude, pride and a renewed sense of " I can do this" attitude. Thank you Alain Blais and Ray Blais. You really have given me a chance to get my self back!"

- Diane Delisle-Langdon
"I want to thank you so much for providing such a great experience. I've had a trainer in the past (between having 3 kids), but never made a successful connection between both my diet and workouts. When you put the workout with the alkaline diet, things just clicked for me. I've been happily watching my scale numbers go down, and my energy levels go up!" 

- Paula Reynolds
"Thanks to Family Kickboxing not only am I now an orange belt
smile emoticon

but I'm also down 61.5 pounds and more than 10 inches only on my chest. Am feeling better than I have in so many years. So thanks Ray Blais, Alain Blais, Josee Blais and of course Theresa Henderson. You guys are awesome."

- Wanda Crites
"Started at Family kickboxing exactly 1 week ago today, I've been to 7 classes, I've got my clean/healthy eating under control... And to my surprise I'm down 8lbs 😄 😄 😄
1 week, can't even wait to see how much I'll lose in the end!!!! Thanks so much for putting out this contest, knowing that there would be 100+other beginners made it that much easier to sign up!!!!!"

- Natasha Girard
 "We moved away from Sudbury this past summer and I can say without a doubt Family Kickboxing is the one thing I miss most about the area. Although it won't be the same, we got a standing bag, some focus mitts, and are trying to recreate those incredible workouts. I wanted to share this with you guys so you know that you really do change lives and inspire people. THANK YOU!"

- Katie & Hayley
 " Hey Al, first off I want to say loved the newsletter yesterday, it really inspired me to look at the way I do things.

I have to say I'm very happy with the classes and I am seeing a lot of progress toward my weight loss goal, yesterday I received my yellow belt which made me so proud.

I wasn't expecting your dad to grade me and I have to say I was surprised but in a way honoured as this means I am progressing well. I feel even more motivated and confident in myself.

I am so grateful to have been able to find such a wonderful place to workout. You always here gyms says that they are a no judge gym which is sometimes false, however at family kickboxing, you guys are truly a no judging, confident boosting kind of place.

Keep doing what your doing! And I look forward to finding out what you have in store for us in the next little while. Thanks again!"

- Cherryl Kenwell
"Hi Al i just wanted to say a quick thank you for the opportunity you've given me in the hot fit freak contest, i've never ben told that i inspire anyone however the last few days i've heard those very words a few times i never thought i'd be that guy so i just wanted to thanks you for that opportunity !"

- Yvon Larocque
"What motivated me the most was noticing that the before and after pictures all over the walls and website are NOT models, they are real people, and I see them in the classes." 

- John Fitzpatrick
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