The Body Men Fear and Women Want

"Damn... I had no idea you looked that hot"

Looks Matter...  A lot!

I could go on explaining but a picture is worth a thousand words...
             Who else wants a "Beach Body"
          to catch that special someone's eye? 
That's right.
Let's admit it, we all love to get that look.
That look that says, "I would love to get to know you more"

This is all within your reach and with your decision to take back your youth and fitness, 
Amped Up is sure to deliver the results you want.​
The last 8 months have clearly shown, first hand, real time, live consistent results right here at 
the club​. Just a bit lower we'll discuss HOW and WHY results can be had quickly​.

The bottom line...

It's this ADAPTATION process that gives you the body you want.
It's the ADAPTATION process that keeps the results coming... and NOTHING else.

It's NOT "how much" work you do, how much "fun" you have or even how much you sweat that determines your success.

What determines if you get the body you want is very simple:

Are YOU causing (or tricking) your body into ADAPTING in EVERY workout?  

It's this coveted ADAPTATION that causes you to get stronger, gives you a tight stomach, firms up your glutes and gives you that    "Damn you look good!"    reaction from others.

So what does all this mean?

This is where the coaches knowledge, experience and his willingness to do all the necessary work every week to design a comprehensive, result producing program comes in.

You see...
- Every exercise must be done for a specific reason
- They must be done in the CORRECT ORDER
- The various muscle groups must be worked in the proper sequence
- EVERY rep and set range must be predetermined to best TRIGGER ADAPTATION
- The ORDER, DURATION and FLOW of each specifically chosen exercise has to be 
   methodically planned 
- Even the breaks must be set at the correct length and frequency to properly 
- Finally, the workout format must be completely changed and properly rotated CONSTANTLY

So, what's in it for you? 
If you decide you are worth it.. and I know you are...  nothing short of a rockin body

In the last 13 years we've NEVER run a specialty program more then twice.
Starting shortly, this will be our 4th consecutive Amped up cycle.
A testament to it's effectiveness.

Amped is a total body training system designed exclusively around the science of body transformation.
It takes all the aesthetic benefits of bodybuilding WITHOUT all the bulky muscles. It takes the strength gains of weight lifting WITHOUT having to lift insane and dangerous weights. It works your heart and lungs WITHOUT having to do sprints. It speeds up your metabolism WITHOUT the need of pills and crap.

You get the point.

But just in case...
AMPED is a strategically designed grouping of resistance exercises designed to quickly trigger your bodies ADAPTATION response.

These workouts are modified EVERY week in order to maintain and keep increasing this adaptation process.

It's through this constant ADAPTATION that we get the results we're after.

or that?
or that?
A New workout that's better than    
p90x, Beachbody and Insanity
The secret to getting such results? (You'll see more below)

​In one word...   ADAPTATION

                   --- There is a specific way to workout that's DESIGNED to jump start your body and 
                        put it in FAT SHREDDING mode.

                   --- There is a specific way to workout that's designed to SHAPE and SCULPTED your 
                        muscles in a way that's actually productive, quick and sustainable.

                   --- There's a specific way to crush your plateaus and achieve what you deserve, 
                        what you thought was out of reach.

If you've ever felt that the body of your dreams was out of reach... it's NOT.
If you've ever felt trapped, I am offering you the KEY.
All you need to do is 1- make the correct decision   2- act on it.

                   Motivation is important but ACTION is vital.

Let me ask you something...

Why is it that we, as a people, have progressed so much over the last few years, we've come such a long ways, heck we live in a world where everything you ever wanted to know is on your phone! Yet everywhere I look I see all kinds of terrible and INEFFECTIVE fitness programs that have little to no chance giving you the body you want.

A quick online or weekend course and VOILA, you're an expert lol.

Enough is enough.

Stop wasting your time and effort on "ENTER-TRAINMENT"!

If you're looking for fun, easy, light, "ENTERTAINING" workouts, this is NOT for you.

BUT, if you're looking for real kick ass results in a matter of weeks instead of many years (or never), then keep reading 

There is a proven way 
that has, and guarantees to continue, 
delivering quick and real life results

Let's get real for a second... Have you ever noticed all the people that are working out HARD but after a short while the results come to a full stop, or worse, they get almost no results.

Ever wonder WHY?

Let me explain... Just like working hard for a living does NOT automatically give you the high income you want, working hard in the gym/club does NOT automatically give you the body you want.

Let's put it in another way...

If you swing a bat real hard. I mean you give it all you've got and you do it consistently, week after week. month after month. But you're pointing in the WRONG DIRECTION. Will it do you ANY good?
What if you did this 5 days a week?

Then why would just working out hard give you a kick ass body?    

It doesn't!

I see people every day that workout hard but if you met them on the street, you wouldn't know it. 

One last example...

There are many construction workers who work very hard physically, day in - day out. Yet they don't look any better then the average person. 


Because your body is powerful beyond belief and its an amazingly efficient piece of machinery that adapts quickly to any work load. 

What does that mean?

Once your body has adapted, all results STOP.

That's why, when you start any regular fitness program, some results appear right away - while your body is adapting - but then slows down and quickly come to a complete stop - and then REVERSE.

Why am I saying all this? 
Because I want to help you.  
Because I want you to start getting real results now.
I see tooooo much frustration and many that have all but given-up.

You need to understand why and how this works and that this is NOT hocus-pocus!
You need to understand the difference between "entertraining" and real, result producing training.

Just like Olympic athletes, NOTHING is done without a specific reason, at least not the ones that win medals. Same thing with the Amped Up training system.

EVERYTHING is done for a specific result producing reason(s) and NOTHING is done just to entertain you.

You see, I assume that you are serious about getting that "look".
That you're here for no other reason then RESULTS.

Back to the HOW and WHY, back to the science.

You see, it ALL boils down to one concept - one word... ADAPTATION

All the results you want, regardless of what they are, come about by one simple scientific principle... 

It's your body's adaptation that gives you the "V" shape and broad shoulders

It's your body's adaptation that gives you that attention grabbing bottom!
     All the results you want (DREAMBODY) ONLY comes from consistently   
                       triggering your body's own ADAPTATION response. ​

Now there is a program who's whole purpose and design is built around this science.

That's how we're able to get these quick results...

So here's the plan...

We're going to run our 4th cycle of Amped training sessions.


Before we go any farther, you need to know that the first 2 cycles completely sold out within the first 13 days. So don't come crying if you miss this round because you waited.

The program is designed around 2 sessions per week but you have the choice of 4 days and 2 time slots.

Monday & Wednesday at 5:00pm 
Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00pm 
(mix and match any 2 as you wish)

The program for the new folks is 6 kick ass, results producing weeks

START date is:  Sep 12
There's only one problem...

We're going to be using specialty equipment of which we can only accommodate about 25 participants per class, for a total of maybe 35-40 if split properly between the 5:00pm and 7:00pm classes. (which is almost impossible)

What's the problem? 

Well, we have 27 students that have already renewed and signed up for the 4th cycle!!!
(I told you this science works) 

That means we can only squeeze in another 10 or 15 people that are serious about how they want to look and are tired of wasting their time with ineffective "entertrainment".

I play no favorites and I always honor a person's commitment to themselves... 

First come, first served.

Your investment: 

New first timers, same Tuition as first 3 sold out cycles... $169  

REMEMBER, motivation is important but ACTION is what get's you where you want to go.

Facebook message or email me...

Ray Blais  
Head Coach   

*** There's those stars again, don't say I didn't warn you lol
I wasn't kidding when I said we already have 27 participants that have signed up BEFORE we even made this post! (Word got leaked out?)​

Again, I admire and match commitment with commitment... all renewing participants 
receive 65% off!!

*** NEW special ***

NEW and included in this 4th cycle, a series of 3 seminars to help your education and to speed up your results. These are jam-packed with useful, actionable information that you will be able to use at the club and at home. 

The whole idea is to get the best results in the shortest of time.

"Loving it. Signing up for round 2." 
- Carole Anderson
 (Carole also signed up round 3 and now 4) ​
"I’m feeling great, I have more energy and I can feel that I’ve increased in strength. I feel I’ve gained strength in my whole body, and I’m also standing straighter. I’ve lost weight, so far nine pounds, and I’m down a size in pants. I really like the classes and enjoy the exercises."
- Donna-Lee Crowe
"I like the results I'm seeing so far, I've increased strength quite a bit and its definitely got me going again, which is what I was going for."
- Erica Walters
"I wish I started this years ago .I can't believe the changes in my body , how toned it got in such a short time . I have no more "love handles " that helped me carry a laundry basket down the stairs on my hip . Thank you for starting this class , worth every dollar ." 
- Darlene Klitsggard
"I love the program! I like being coached through the exercises to know I am doing them properly and pushed when needed to challenge myself. I also like the added info you provide during classes. I like what the exercise is doing for me, why we are doing it in a certain order or way, diet, and reminding us of our whys."
- Tammy Sweet
"I love it. The camaraderie, the progress, the exercises and the class sizes are all great."
- Rocky Landry
"I love it !!!!! It has turned out to be much more then I had anticipated. I love the way you teach in regards to resistance training , the gains and noticeable difference I have made in 4 weeks are incredible ."
- Jennifer Boucher
"I love it Ray, Really enjoying the weight lifting, I'm seeing pretty good results to and so is everyone around me. I feel fantastic and want to keep going. I love that you work out with as well."
- Eric Spence
"I think it's great!! I've learned so much, I think it's a great program and it's really helped me mentally to get focused and to work towards my goals. I know I'm pretty quiet about it, but it's been awesome!.. emoticon I'm very happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to join this program..."
- Jaime