Would you like to really "raise the bar"? 
Want to see if you have what it takes? 
Would you like to feel the "rush"?

 It's only a matter of "putting together" what you'll learn and a serious commitment to training.

We provide a very safe and friendly environment to gradually "push the limits" of what you can do. In fact, many of our students only want to compete once to reach their goal of "walking the walk". (There are far too many that simply talk!)

Again, it's all about stretching the "comfort zone"! With about a year's serious training, we've put countless people, folks in their 40's, with NO prior martial arts experience, in the ring.

​Our goal has never been to become a rough and tough fighting dojo - in fact quite the opposite! We've never set out to attract and find the next world class fighter, we care about the everyday mom and dad who want to achieve something nearly EVERY one of their coworkers, friends and family could NEVER say they accomplished - Step in the ring.

We've received several trophies and awards for bringing the most amount of fighters to a single event - and guess what? They are nearly always FIRST TIME fighters!  

From folks in their 40's, to kids as young as 10, we've trained and nurtured them all to the point where they are ready to step in the ring. Win or Lose is irrelevant - it's the accomplishment that changes your life forever.

Now that I've got you all pumped up and excited,I need to be a bit blunt... I WILL NOT let you step in the ring if I don't think you are ready. I'm not saying if I don't think you'll win, that's irrelevant, BUT if I think you'll step in there and get your a$$ handed to you, I won't let you.

We care about our students and won't let you step in until you are ready to handle yourself safely. We've actually had students we've held back quit, go eslewhere and have their butts handed to them. Not us. If we don't think you have a chance we'll tell you flat out!

"This picture is of me about to get into the ring at the Ontario provincial championships in Burlington Ontario on December 18th 2009.

This was an experience of a life time and one of my most rewarding and exhilarating life experiances. This experiance has been an unbelievable force that drove me to be the person I am today.

The adrenaline both during and after the fight is unbelievable. "There's nothing that can compare to testing yourself the way you do every time you step in the ring."

Even though I lost the fight by majority draw, I still consider it an unbelievable accomplishment. Going toe to toe with someone really puts months of training to the test."

-Matt Sonier
The Canadian National Full Contact Team 2005. 
Left side, sitting down, Ray, Megan.