Regular Class Schedule

Please NoteAll classes are real kickboxing classes. Not "tae boe", "Hit The Air As Hard As You Can", or "Kickboxing-like" stuff! 

Get in the best shape of your life while learning REAL Kickboxing. The empowering feeling of beating the crap out of a heavy bag is one that cannot be matched elsewhere. 

95% of our students are here for the phenomenal fitness levels they will achieve and NOT for competitive fighting. (If you have a competitive side, we have special classes for you and recommend you inquire about these.)

Lose weight, relieve stress and tone up all while learning something useful, this is real kickboxing!

(not like most "kickboxing" classes that don't even have punching bags! The best part of real kickboxing is "beating the crap out of a heavy bag"!!)

To begin your Two Free Week trial, simply pick a class, drop in a few minutes early and we'll get you all set and ready to rock and roll! 

If you are like most of our clients starting off and are BRAND NEW, with ZERO experience and quite possibly out of shape, we recommend you begin with the Beginner classes which run Mon-Wed-Fri at 6pm.These classes are specifically tailored for you! 

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