The stats are out, and Sudbury is once again one of the FATTEST cities in Ontario, and I think I know why!

Over the past 12 years I’ve had clients (before they came to me of course) try dozens of different diets, pills, shakes etc. all with little to no results. It seems like nearly everyone has "tried everything" and whatever success they did achieve was short lived as the weight came piling back on afterwards

In fact before coming to me, most of my clients had all lost 100 pounds...the same 10 pounds year after year ;) 
Okay let’s get back to serious for a moment -  Why is it that so many fail at achieving sustainable weight loss?

Well, there are four main reasons I’ve found to be quite universally true. 

First off, quite simply, you’ve been set up. Many programs out there set you up for failure. They are Band-Aids, not solutions. Listen, if you have to take shakes, follow strict diets, take pills or consume only certain products in order to lose weight IT’S NOT SUSTAINABLE. 

Unless you plan on taking this product for the REST of your life (while making that company very wealthy of course!) you are going to eventually need to stop. And what happens when you stop? The weight comes piling back on - usually in record time - and often your body puts on even MORE weight just in case you ever try that crap again!! 

My belief is simple: 

If you have to consume a product in order to lose weight, it is NOT sustainable and just a Band-Aid. 

The second reason is they’ve got their "guarantee" all wrong. Sure, the weight loss may be guaranteed, meaning if you DON’T reach your goal you get your money back. Seems fair right? Wrong. Times are tight and subconsciously we think to ourselves  "well, it’s not that big of a big deal if I don’t try because I could really use my money back!!"

We don’t believe in reinforcing those who DON’T put in the work… We reward those who DO put in the effort. What do I mean? I mean with our program, once you reach your goal (20 pounds is the first goal) you get 100% of your money back! 

That’s right, if you follow our steps, do what it takes and reach your goal we want to reward you by giving you 100% of your money back. 

Now that’s positive reinforcement. 

Thirdly, the Band-Aid problem! The core issue here is simple: The mind was not changed. You see, willpower can only last so long before it eventually runs out. This is an undeniable truth and we all know it. You can only "force yourself" to drink super-duper meal replacement shakes for so long before you crash and eat everything in the grocery store. 

Our approach is significantly different. We teach you to fish; we don’t give you the fish. We don’t belong to ANY multi-level marketing companies, in fact we don’t even sell any so called "nutritional products" at all and aren’t going to make you go out and buy anything. 

We teach you how to eat properly (and still enjoy many of the things you love) and how to reach your goals properly in a sustainable manner. In fact, our ultimate goal is for you to NEVER have to take part in ANY weight loss program EVER AGAIN.  We believe in EDUCATING our clients

Fourthly, and what I feel to be the most important reason of all, is they don’t offer some form of fitness. I don’t care HOW WELL you eat, if you don’t add some form of activity you are going to struggle. In our modern lifestyles, activity has definitely been put on the back burner :( Our program gives you full access to the full schedule that the Transformation Center has to offer. 

How would you like to lose weight once and keep it off for the rest of your life?

 How would you like to know you can enjoy the Holiday season, the birthday parties, the weekend BBQ’s while continuously remaining at your ideal body weight year after year.  (I mean, really, who likes hearing compliments as you lose weight, then comments as it comes back on!! We make sure it STAYS off.)

It all starts with one step...

Now, before you pick up the phone and call me, I need to warn you…

Space for this program is STRICTLY limited. Obviously, with such a sweet deal (Imagine losing the weight you want, getting all your money back, and staying fit and healthy the rest of your life) we can only accept so many into the program, and we interview EVERYONE prior to being accepted into the program. This program is in HIGH demand and as much as we'd love to help everyone, we simple can't. 

We want to "weed out the weak", get rid of all those who are "on the fence" and change the lives of those who are ready. If you are ready, the first step (before even being interviewed) is to head to scroll down and fill in the short questionnaire at the bottom of this page. Filling in this questionnaire DOES NOT mean you are accepted or give you any form of commitment! From there, a representative will contact you to schedule a short consult where we will go over the full program details and see if it's a good fit.

If you are ready for sustainable weight loss, it’s time to begin your Transformation. 

To your success,